You will experience the beauty of Prague, the city of a hundred spires in the heart of Europe.


  • You will visit Prague Castle, its courtyards, the charming Castle gardens.
  • You will see the awakening of the historical centre, we will tell you all the local myths and legends.
  • We will show you the mysterious Jewish town.
  • You will also experience Prague from a birds-eye view. We will show you the Clementinum and the Strahov Monastery.
  • We will take you to Vyšehrad, where you will feel another important part of the Czech history and where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the river Vltava.
  • You will enjoy a theatre performance of your choice.
  • We will arrange a visit to a wellness centre in the afternoon with massage and relaxation.
Prague, Charles Bridge

The Czech Paradise

You will find a true paradise just an hour‘s drive north-east from Prague. You will see romantic ponds mirroring the sandstone cliffs, you will understand why the Czech emperors admired this area so much.


  • You will enjoy a beautiful walk in the Plakánek valley towards the Kost Castle. You will have lunch in a castle restaurant and afterwards you will experience the knights‘ festival and historical programme.
  • On the next day you will follow the footsteps of the Wallensteins: The Wallensteins‘ loggia, baroque concert pavilion, a walk towards Jičín along an avenue lined with lime trees , lunch in a renowned restaurant, wellness and massages in the afternoon.
  • You will also visit Prachovské skály, Hrubá skála castle and the most picturesque village in Czech Paradise, where many Czech fairy-tales and stories were filmed.
Český Ráj
Kost castle


Moravia offers plenty of unforgettable experiences and we would like present at least some them to you.


  • You will visit the city of Olomouc, which launched he project for barrier-free Olomouc in 2001.
  • You will see the Column of the Holy Trinity, assigned as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • You will visit the ZOO.
  • You will experience the land of Bečva, either on foot or by bike on rented handbikes, us-ing amazing cycle routes.
  • You will visit the open-air museum in Roznov , Kinský Chateau Valašské Meziříčí.
  • You will relax in Velké Karlovice.
  • We will show you the Macocha Abyss in the Moravian Karst, we will get you to the bot-tom of the abyss to show you Punkva caves, all barrier-free.
  • You will taste Moravian wines and experience the atmosphere of the wine cellars and Moravian folklore.
  • For those interested, the cooking class of Moravian specialities will be arranged.


If you wish to relax some of the Czech spas, we are here to recommend you a specific spa resort that will fit your needs perfectly!


  • We will recommend the spa resort that will provide the best care and treatment for your needs.
  • We will arrange trips for you to explore the surroundings, to explore Prague and other towns and cities.
  • We will recommend and arrange cultural programmes, concerts, folklore events, etc.
  • We will make sure that you will return home revitalised and full of energy and new experiences.
Karlovy Vary